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In the fundumptious 90's we all thought it would be a cracking good idea to take books libraries no longer needed and sell them to people who did.

So in 1998 was founded in Greenwich England, in a small room sandwiched between a travel agent and a post office - which it turned out, was rather handy!

Libraries immediately saw the advantages we offered and now, over twenty years later, we work with hundreds of academic libraries throughout the UK and Continental Europe, returning hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to our suppliers.

In 2011 launched its 'Help Your Library' program to help local libraries to continue to carry out their excellent work. As we believe that resources generated locally are best used locally - rather than send libraries' earnings to some anonymous charity, we help communities to help themselves by turning their unwanted books into valuable cash for local libraries.

If you want to be a part of this exciting initiative to help your local library, please click 'Donate' at the top of the page and on behalf of libraries all over Britain we thank you!